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Found 2 results

  1. We got an opinion from a Parliamentarian that our club election was “null and void” because the first ballot had an error so had to be reprinted, but the voters had the required 30 days with which to vote. He provided no authority and his conclusions were that the incumbents would stay in their positions and even directors running in contested positions could vote on the election issues. Don’t Parliamentarians have an obligation to support their “opinions” with the authority in RONR on which they rely. This Parliamentarian is an attorney and failed to provide notice in his opinion that State Las prohibits directors with conflicts of interest from voting. Thanks for your response. Colleen Allen Grady
  2. Guest


    My organization voted to donate $200 to a charity. One person was unhappy (the President) and she said she would personally fund an additional $100 to bring donation to $300. Subsequently she went to Treasurer and had her cut an additional check for $100 (her priviledge to have a check up to $100 not needing a vote by members) from organization funds therefore undermining the original vote by members. Is there any recourse for recovering those extra funds distributed? Besides being unethical, what is Roberts Rules on this type of situation.
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