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Found 7 results

  1. Guest


    can the motions of Postpone Indefinitely, Amend and Refer be withdrawn?
  2. Our nominating committee put forth 5 candidates for 4 open positions on the Board of Directors. The bylaws of the organization call for "A reasonable opportunity for all members to choose among the nominees", which has been interpreted to mean both mail-in and in-person balloting. After the period for mail-in balloting concluded but before the in-person balloting has started, one of the nominees has withdrawn her candidacy for personal reasons. Therefore we now have 4 candidates for 4 open positions. In the past the organization has used acclamation when the number of candidates and available
  3. I recently came across this question in a parliamentary procedure test. After a motion has been withdrawn, the same motion: A. Can be made the immediate pending question again by the member who originally proposed the motion B. Can be made again at the same meeting if the original maker approves by seconding it. C. Cannot be made again at the same meeting. D. Can be made again at the same meeting. The correct answer was marked D. Can anyone verify this or explain why? I had thought that once a motion was made in a particular meeting, it could not be made in that same meeting unless
  4. Guest

    Board Resignations

    Following some "less than proper" behavior by several members and officers of our organization, several of our elected board members (including the Chairperson) sent their resignations to the remainder of the board via email. Now after cooling off, these board members wish to withdraw their resignations and remain on the board. According to RRoO, it is my belief that they can do this. Am I correct? Does any action need to be taken? i.e. - Do we need a motion to NOT accept the resignations? Can our next meeting proceed with the elected Chairperson running the meeting?
  5. When can you withdraw a motion Just after it is presented what do you do What if it has been seconded what do you do What if the vote has approved what do you do
  6. Question: An election is being held by ballot, mailed to members. The ballots have been printed with the nominations, and they have already been sent out to the membership. One of the nominees has chosen to withdraw himself from the election, but since the ballots have been sent out, they cannot be revised accordingly. Do the rules address this situation, and if so, how do they resolve it? (We would like to avoid a situation where the nominee who withdrew ends up garnering the most votes, which may throw the election into question.) Note that the Constitution and bylaws of the organiz
  7. When a committee chair makes a motion that is seconded can that motion be tabled without a second or a vote, or should it be withdrawn? A question about point of order was made about which committee should actually be making the motion during discussion.
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