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Found 5 results

  1. On page 144 of RONR 11ed. an example of the chair stating the question on a pending amendment is giving as "if the word is inserted, the primary amendment will be, "to add the resolution for the purchase of the property..."". It refers to the main motion as a resolution "for the purchase of the property" without stating the main motion in its exact words. Therefore, is it OK to do so when stating the question on a secondary amendment or a primary amendment for that matter. Also, is it necessary to use the words on page 155 beginning with "it should be noted..." or can the motion be
  2. Could someone please explain to me the wording: "The use of the unanimous consent procedure is appropriate when it is believed that there is no minority to protect"?
  3. Is it more acceptable to say "I move that this organization declare its opposition to the recent increase in dues" over saying “I move that this organization go on record as not favoring the proposal to increase in dues”?
  4. This relates to an earlier post- some new info came in. An absentee ballot went out to the membership, per the bylaw requiring a vote "whether" to accept applicants to the society. instead of composing a ballot that asks the votes whether they vote YES or NO on each applicant, the officer in charge created a ballot with a YES box only. More than that: The ballot says, in bold: [this is the exact way it was printed:] Please indicate your approval by VOTING "YES" and in another page of the ballot: Please indicate your approval by checking "YES" next to each applicant's name below.
  5. I was looking at the collection of scrips for handling different motions at http://nancysylvester.com/docs/Resources/parliamentary_procedure_scripts.html. In order to follow strict RONR, do motions have to be said exactly as the script outlines or is there gray area? For example, after a member has seconded a motion, is it OK to say "It has been moved and seconded" vs "It is moved and Seconded". The script also uses the term "discussion" whereas other scripts use the term "debate". Is either correct? Is it acceptable to say "Those opposed say Nay" vs "Those opposed say no"?
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