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What subject or content can an executive session be called for by a board.

Generally speaking, an executive session isn't "called for". A special meeting can be called and all or part of that meeting can be held "in executive session". As Mr. Mervosh indicated, an assembly can meet in executive session for any reason or no reason. In fact, RONR notes that many boards meet exclusively in executive session.

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Can an exiting BOD close the floor for nominations at an annual meeting? We are taking nominations by resume ahead of time.


Nominations will be in order at the annual meeting, and the chair must call for them from the floor unless your bylaws have some special provision. The board has nothing whatever to say about it.

The board does not even exist except while in session, and during the annual meeting, they should be seated among the membership where they belong.

Of course a board member who is also a member of the assembly may move to close nominations, but such a motion is not in order when any member is seeking to make a nomination.

When in order, the motion to close nominations requires a second and a 2/3 vote. ((Re)opening them is easier--just a majority.)

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