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Is Vote Required to "Call for the Question"?


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If the previous meeting was held longer than a quarterly time interval ago, the motion can simply be made again by anyone.

Which is to say, in a manner of speaking, the motion is no longer on the table at all. After that quarterly time interval has passed, the tabled motion "dies" and thus is no more. *Poof* it's gone. So, simply making the same motion again at the next meeting will bring it before the assembly (again) as if a new motion.

It might also bear noting for Maine728's information that the requirement here would be that the motion was tabled at THE previous meeting. So, if meetings are held monthly, and this motion was tabled at the January meeting but not taken up at the February meeting, it can not be taken up at the March meeting even though it is within a quarterly time interval (Jan - Mar), since the motion has already died last month. If the motion is not taken from the table during the meeting at which it is laid there, it must be taken up at the next regular meeting (including an adjournment thereof) or it passes on to its great reward - Renewal!

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