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removal of child because of parent

Guest Ann

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We have a parent that was very mean and degrating to one of our sports commissioners and acted very inaproprietly and thougt it was okay. He then told his wife and she got in the commissioners face a long with him. It was brought to the boards attention and at that time he told us we did not have to worry about it any more because he wouldn't have anything to do with our club. Within a week he was in his uniform (police) and confronted our commissioner again. He has since signed his kids up to play and was unnoticed by the board. Well as we went through sign-ups we noticed not 1 but 2 of his kids were signed up to play and the same person that was commissioner that he yelled at is commissioner again. We asked him to come to a special meeting and he said no. He will not meet infront of the board members but will instead meet in a public place with one person and sign a parent code of conduct. If we do not let his kids play and make him go before the board he will contact his lawyer and take legal action against us. My question is, is there anything in Roberts Law that discusses this issue? The board wants to give into him because the do not want any legal action taken. Anything will help. Thank you for your time.

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