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If there are 6 Board memebrs is 4 a quoram?

The number of board members necessary for quorum should be specified in the bylaws. If the bylaws are silent on this issue, a quorum is a majority of the members. In this case, if there are currently 6 board members, a quorum is 4.

Part 2 - Can less than a quoram of the board meet to discuss something as long as no decisions are being made?

Any number of individual members of the board can get together any time they like for discussion. (See note below.) If there is less than a quorum at a properly called meeting, however, no business can be conducted on behalf of the organization the members belong to -- in this case, the board. There are very few things that can be done at an inquorate meeting. You can find those in RONR, 10th ed., page 336, line 33 through page 337, line 1.

Note: Some organizations are governed by public disclosure or "sunshine" laws. Consult an attorney if your organization is subject to these laws.

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