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When a chair's term is up,

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When the Chair's term is up, who runs the next meeting?

First, ensure the chair's term is really up. If the bylaws say the term is for some period of time "and until his/her successor is elected" or "or until..." or something similar, then the person still holds the office even though an election wasn't held at the prescribed time.

Second, if the chairman's office becomes vacant, then the vice president becomes president.

Third, if at any meeting there is no chairman present, the vice chairman (vice president) chairs the meeting. If that can't happen, then the secretary calls the meeting to order and presides over the election of a chairman pro tem (a temporary chairman, for just that meeting). If there is no secretary present to do that, then any member can call the meeting to order and preside over electing a chairman pro tem, who then presides over the election of a secretary pro tem.

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