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need a secretary

Guest jim

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Our Non -profit held elections this past weekend. The general feeling was we needed a change as our president had been in office for 4 years and depending on how you took the wording in the by-laws( vague and it will be corrected next membership meeting) he had over stayed his term. Any time conversation arose with any board member we were all on the same page and we agreed the president should be in office two years and move on from there. I was elected president and our secretary was elected vice president as he would be the next logical choice to be president. When the time came for treasurer and secretary suddenly all was quiet in the room. After some discussion the past president agreed to take the treasurers job. The issue with the secretary position seems to be the bar has been set very high and our comunication has never been better. No one has offered to take the position.

Our by-laws are silent on whether one person can hold two offices. Our other option is a past board member has offered to take the position however she is not a current board member. Whether she has to be or not is not spelled out either. We do not have any votes which are conducted with only officers so I do not see an issue with either case. We are going to discuss a change to the by-laws which would spell out neither position would have to be held by board members but that can not be voted on until next February so that does not help now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

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You're in luck.

There is no rule in RONR that says a person cannot hold two offices at once. But be careful. President and Vice-President would obviously be a bad combination. As would President (or Vice-President) and Secretary. But Secretary-Treasurer is a common office in many organizations. But they don't get two votes as a result, of course.

Also, there is no rule that requires an officer of the body to be a member. Of course if a non-member serves as Secretary, that person would not have a vote at meetings, nor be allowed to make motions or speak in debate.

Still, however you want to go, you will not need to change your bylaws to do so.

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