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Committee Members voting against their Committee Motion

Guest Walter

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Our organization has split into 2 groups that disagree on some issues. Recently, a bylaw amendment committee was formed to update our bylaws. Our Chair appointed a committee that was bi-partisan, 3 members of the committee were from Group A, 2 members from Group B. They negotiated some amendments. 4 members voted in favour of the amendments, 1 (from Group A) abstained so the amendments were approved by the committee.

After proper notion the amendments were presented to the organization. An amendment to the motion was presented and was passed with all members voting in favour except for 1 abstention.

Then, this amended version of the bylaw amendment proposed was voted on by the whole organization and it failed to achieve the necessary 3/4 vote.

The problem I have, is that all 3 members of the Bylaws Committee who were from Group A voted against the committee's recommendation. This after approving of it at the committee level, and approving the amended version.

I'm not even sure what my question is for you: can these members legally do this? Or are there any repercussions? It seems to defeat the whole purpose of having a committee if the the committee members vote one way at a committee level, then go against their own recommendation when it is presented to the whole group.

Thoughts appreciated,


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