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numerous bylaws amendments


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I hope to be submitting bylaw amendments at our next meeting.

Our current bylaws have no preamble, yet I have seen some bylaws for other memberships

that include preambles, does RONR speak to this, I checked but can't find it, yet I thought

for sure RONR addresses this?

RONR p. 554 speaks about the object of the Society being one of the articles in the bylaws but also notes that some organizations will use a preamble instead of an article on the object in which case it is placed before Article 1. Although RONR doesn't give a fleshed out version of what would go in the object/preamble you can find a fleshed out version of sample bylaws in Parliamentary Law written by Henry M. Robert (the original author of Robert's Rules) in 1923 located on pages 392-398.

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