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Intentional Misrepresentation

Guest robert gale

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During our annual meeting on May 30/2011 the secretary for our board indicated that she had received motion's (8 in total) on April 25/2011 which needed to be discussed and voted on. As the motions were being discussed and voted on it became known that some of the motions signed by association members were not actually even understood by the memebr who purportedly signed the Motion. Members stated that they had been approached to sign such motions without a full understanding of what they were even signing (e.g. one member signed a motion regarding changes to our quorum rules, but admitted when asked that she didn't even know what a quorum was) Another member stood up and stated that she signed a Motion on May 25/2011, although the Motion was dated as "received" on April 25, 2011. The secretary in question did not even deny that the motions were not actual concerns of those who signed them, relying solely on the idea that motions don't need to be signed. She intentionally misrepresented the circumstances surrounding the Motions, and the members have lost confidence in her abilities to act in her official capacity because she lied to us. Has anyone out there ever had to invoke any sort of disciplinary action to have an elected board memebr removed? Opinions and advice would be appreciated.

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