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Board Member Attendance Requirements

Guest Kurtis

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Fellow RONR Forum Members,

The Bylaws for our organization currently has a provision that states that a Board Member who is "absent from 3 consecutive regular meetings or from 4 or more regular meetings" during the year shall automatically lose their status as a Board Member and shall be replaced. A Regular Meeting is defined in our bylaws a a regular meeting of the Board (held monthly). Our organization currently has an Annual Meeting of the Membership held after one of the regularly scheduled board meetings.

A question was posed during one of of regular meetings whether the Annual Meeting of the Membership is included in the attendance requirements for Board Members. Ex - If a Board Member is absent from the regular board meeting and is also absent from the Annual Meeting of the Membership (as the meeting is held after a regular meeting) should the Board Member be charged with being absent from 2 meetings?

Our current understanding of the language in our Bylaws is that the attendance requirement only applies to regular meetings of the Board (held monthly) and does not apply the Annual Meeting of the Membership. Any thoughts, ideas, concerns would be most appreciated.


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