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Guest Barbara Bloomfield

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Guest Barbara Bloomfield

Hi there,

I apologize in advance for any question duplication.

I am writing from a Parent's Advisory Council. The Council is made up of an Executive in elected positions with the remainder of the membership being parents from our school who choose to attend PAC meetings. Essentially, any parent with a child in our school who shows up to a regular meeting is a voting member. Generally, very few parents show up regularly outside of the Executive.

We are coming up on the summer months and would like to hold a meeting of the Executive whereby we set in motion a new website, a logo, etc. Generally we motion anything of this nature and wonder if we are able to make motions on these items at a meeting of just the Executive or if we have to wait until a general meeting before we can set these things in motion.

Our Constitution and Bylaws state: "Executive meetings may be held anytime or place as deemed necessary. The purpose of executive meetings is to carry on business between general meetings." Would "carry on business" include making motions on the above mentioned items?

Thank you for your time.

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