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All officers resigned

Guest Lorraine

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I'm the senior member of a 7 member board. We just had 5 members resign which included all officers and new members have been appointed by the selectmen. The new board has no officers. The problem is that our bylaws state that a nominating committee will be formed in July and elections will be in August. Next Thursday is our board meeting. I will be named chairman just to convene meeting. Can official work be done by our board without officers? Should I convene the meeting to just get the nominating committee formed and then schedule a meeting for the 1st week of August to elect officers, and then proceed with our agenda.

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So much of your issue is exclusively about your organization's customized rules that I can't even squeeze out much that Robert's Rules can deal with by itself. Your mention of selectmen suggests that legal issues might be involved, which call for the attention of a lawyer, not a parliamentarian.

Here's something. As far as Robert's Rules is concerned, for your board to meet, and do official work, it needs just a presiding officer and a secretary (for practical reasons). Those two can be elected to serve for the time being ("pro tem"). I see no reason that you (Lorraine) cannot serve for the whole meeting, as chair, or even as secretary if the assembly prefers.

I see no reason you can't convene the meeting only to form the nominating committee -- but I don't see anything, either, that will restrict your meeting to doing only that. Look at your organization's rules that say how officers are elected, and whatever they say about your agenda.

(All this might be why no one has ventured a reply in half a day.)

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