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Manager in non profit society

Guest meggie

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One month ago, I was elected as Board Secretary to the board in a non profit society (seniors). I was also elected as Chair of the Human Resources committee. There is a paid manager and two office staff, plus small maintenance staff.

The manager was hired about one year ago, and does not have an approved job description. However, she insists that she should attend all board meetings and all committee meetings. There is nothing in bylaws to allow this. She attended a policy committee meeting last week and is writing policies on all topics, including writing job descriptions for members of the executive committee. She produced a policy on reimbursement of mileage for paid staff. I see this as a conflict of interest, as she will directly benefit from this policy.

She was hired by the past president (now vice president and chair of the policy committee). She is a strong supporter of the manager. However, there are members of the board who in private do not agree that the manager should be allowed to attend board and committee meetings. This issue has the potential of fracturing the board. This is very much a case of the tail wagging the dog!

Please suggest a solution to this. thank you.

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