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voting a motion

Guest Elliot R.

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if the President is invovled in discussion of a motion, should he/she vote on the motion?

If the President has entered into debate on a motion, this should only mean one of two things: 1) this is a "small board meeting" (page 470-471) in which case the president votes along with the other Board members according to rule or custom, or 2) the President has relinquished the chair, and thus may vote along with the assembly since he (or she, if you're not sure) is no longer bound by the impartiality of presiding.

If this is not a "small board meeting" or he (or she, if you're still not sure) has not relinquished the chair, then he (or she, whatever) should not be involved in the debate.

This all assumes the President is a member of the assembly as well.

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