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Member comments in minutes?

Guest John

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If, by "doing it" you mean including comments in the minutes by way of formal motions, and if you're asking whether RONR says it'll be okay, or whether (a majority of) the regular contributors here would give you their blessing, I feel confident the answer is no. But we're not going to chase you down and make you stop. We'll just wait for you to return to the forum with another question about how to resolve problems arising out of this practice. (And you'll be surprised at the answer!)

Better to refrain from "doing it" altogether.

However, if, by "doing it" you mean including in the minutes only what was done and not said at the meeting, then George has had your answer.

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Perhaps a complicating issue would be our organization's rather lax following of RONR in the past where comments have been placed in the minutes, but never by formal motions. Is it OK to just start doing it properly?

If by "doing it properly" you mean ceasing the practice of placing comments in the minutes altogether, please do.

If the assembly really wants a record of commentary, it would be advisable to keep that in a separate document from the minutes.

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