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Quorum and voting

Guest Bessie

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There was a call meeting for a condo association. Four of seven members were present. There was a vote to end a contract for porches with a contractor that presented problems from day one (official contract was for #1 wood from a lumber site and he bought number 2 wood from Menard's)one on the work site. A vote was put on the floor (not sure of the correct language). Three of the four members voted to end the contract with the company. One of the members stated there is one no. However, the person who did not vote, the Board President. Several days later she stated that she did not vote, therefore she did not have to carry out the action that was proposed and voted on. She was to inform the management company to end the relationship with the contractor. Was there a legitimate vote? Or, is she correct in that she did not vote at all , so the vote did not carry.

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Assuming that a mejority of yoru board constitutes a quorum, then a quorum (4 of 7) was present. You were authorized to transact business.

The Board held its meeting and voted to end the contract. Either the vote was 3-0 or 3-1 but in either case, the motion to end the contract was adopted.

You president could be subject to discipline if she fails to carry out the properly adopted actions of the board.


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