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Election--run for 2 positions

Guest A.B. Brown

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We held elections where a person was nominated by the nominating committee for an 'at large' position among 4 other nominees. The nominating committee also present their slate for other positions. When the nominating committee completed their nominations, a member from the floor nominated an at-large nominee (nominee#2) for the President's position..it was seconded. Now we have 2 nominees for President, one from the nominating committee (nominee#1) and nominee#2. After discussion, membership voted to elect all nominations by the nominating committee, except for the President's position. This was conducted by ballot vote. The results were extemely close. Nominee#2 lost the election. The question is this: Did the at-large nominee(#2) give up his position of at-large when that portion of the slate was elected? He did not relinquinsh nor withdraw his his name from the at-large position. The by-laws do not address this situation. A following executive committee meeting was held and a different person was elected, in accordance to our by-laws, to the at-large position...as the one seat of at-large was considered unfilled or open. This is where the controversy is at...vacant position or filled from the general election????

Where in the 'book' is this addressed?


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