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Proper way to Impeach

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we have a gentleman who was elected for office which takeds effect in Sept. as of right now he is acting president. the association keeps good track of their funds and have heard that the association does not even have over 300.00 in the account. they have found out he was giving money out to residents for the passing of their loved ones which is not part of the bylaws. the bylaws allows the association to give family members money in honor of a deceased resident. when a resident asked about the money in the account the acting president said it was none of his business. the bylaws state that any resident can see the bank book upon requested. the acting president is also taking charge of all activities within the association instead of letting the appointed chairman take the responisiblities. the acting president also had a run in with a resident and when he got the wrong answer called to police to tell the resident not to come around him (this was also 1 of the appointed chairman). the residents of this association is concerned that funds are being misused and he is acting inappropertly to other residents in the associaton. what is the proper way to impeach someone. our bylaws state that a letter can be submitted with proper facts of his misconduct. please help these residents so they do not lose everything the association stands for.

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