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Term Limits for officers

Guest TriciaJ95

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Guest TriciaJ95

Our youth sports board has not followed or up dated bylaws since 2006. I got on the board 2 years ago and have met a lot of resistance to follow them. We have husband and wives as officers of the board. The Treasurer is lax at doing her job and has had other people do her deposits for her. Now that we have new blood on the board, that I help recruit, is trying to convert them to do things her way. She and her husband are officers on the board and were going to share the board, however she has now convinced the new president that she should remain treasurer while her husband is another officer of the board. This would be her 3 term as treasurer for a total of 4 years. My question is this is her "term" up as treasurer? our bylaws say this (I have convinced new board that we need to follow them and updated them!)

Section 3. Annual Election and Term of Office. Ateach Annual Meeting, the Members shall approve the number of Directors to be elected for the ensuing year and shall elect such number of Directors. The number so fixed may, within limits, prescribed by the foregoing Section 1, be increased at any regular or special meeting of the Members and, if the number is increased, the additional Directors maybe elected at the meeting at which the increase is voted or at any subsequent meeting. All elections of Directors shall be by majority vote of all Members present or represented by properly executed and signed absentee ballot filed with the Secretary prior to the election meeting. The term of office for each officer shall be two yearsor until a successor is elected with the exception of President and Treasurer whose terms shall be 26months so as to be available to the incoming Board for guidance and assistance. In any year that six (6) or more officers are elected, the positions of vice president, chief umpire and secretary shall have an initial term of one (1) year. The term of office for additional directors shall be one year or until a successor is elected and qualified.

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Guest Gary c Tesser

Because this website forum is provided for discussion of Robert's Rules, we do not interpret the bylaws of individual organizations here. (We actually can't, really, since we would have to know much more than any original poster, like you, can post.)

So I'll point out that the length of any office's term (including directors' terms) has no effect on whether there are term limits -- which are limits on the number of terms an officer can serve. In other words, term limits say how many times an officer (by which I also mean a director) can be re-elected.

So, TriciaJ95, you must look at your bylaws -- do read them in their entirety, please -- and see whether there is anything in them to limit the number of times an officer can be re-elected.

(Okay, twist my are -- I myself don't see any term limits in the quoted material. But remember, my opinion doesn't count.)

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You're welcome. But I must decline. You might want to try the nearby Bylaws Discussion Forum, at bylawsandsuch.lefora.com . They're awfully accommodating, and they all look like Bradd Pitt.

I don't see why the absence of term limits is at all bad, or scary. If the electorate likes an officer, why not let them keep him or her (... Triciaj?!) ?

(Of course, I'm a mighty action hero, invulnerable to fear. I watch vampire and zombie movies and sleep like a baby.

(Hmm, that means I cry and scream all night.)

BTW, there's nothing very bad about not having amended the bylaws in a few years. Um ... not having followed them for five years ... Okay, that's **Very** scary. (Ooo, you have tricked me into revealing my weakness.)

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