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Recording of motions for 501 (c) (6) or 501 (c)(3)

Guest Melanie

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Should a formal resolution be compiled for each motion? Should the presenter and who seconded the motion be noted in the resolution as well as the vote count recorded by member?

A formal resolution need not be compiled for each motion (and in fact should only be done if the motion was to adopt a resolution), but the entire text of the final form of the motion - whether in the form of a resolution or not - should be recorded in the minutes, along with the name of the moving member. The seconding member is not recorded unless specifically ordered by the assembly (it's often difficult to assign the role of second to a single person anyways, since multiple people typically yell 'Second!' simultaneously). The count of a vote is only recorded when the chair is specifically making a counted vote, either because it was so ordered or because it was too close to tell otherwise.

For example, suppose that a motion is made by Mr. A, seconded by Mr. B, 'that the Society purchase a new refrigerator'. After some debate, an amendment is proposed to add 'costing no more than $1000', and adopted. Another amendment is proposed to insert 'black' before 'refrigerator' and is defeated. When the motion is put to a vote, a member demands a division, so the chair takes a division vote and observes, without counting, that there is a clear majority.

Then the minutes ought to say something along the lines of:

"A motion was made by Mr. A, and after debate and amendment, was adopted as follows: 'that the Society purchase a new refrigerator costing no more than $1000'."

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