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Parliamentary Authority for Boards and Committees

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'The executive board of an organized society operates under the society's bylaws, the society's parliamentary authority, and any special rules of order or standing rules of the society which may be applicable to it. Such a board may adopt its own special rules of order or standing rules only to the extent that such rules do not conflict with any of the rules of the soicety listed above.' (citation above)

Aha, I'm a more ambitious typist today than Mr. Foulkes.

Also, in response to Mr. Stackpole's criticism above, note that although Mr. Sullo has failed to bring RONR11 with him, he is visiting this forum while 'at work' -- that's got to count for something ;)

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Well, if an electronic copy was available, I could have it with me at all times. Is there an e-book version?

Well I have the Kindle version of the 11th ed when doing a book search you must include the word newly or you will get a lot of older versions of ROR not of RONR also the version of in brief is being offered is not the current one.

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Guest Gary c Tesser

Mr Balch deftly plucked his copy of RONR (11th ed.) from his cool-parliamentarian belt-pouch, wile Alan H had to tediously thumb through his well-worn and dog-eared (and, may I say in fond reminiscence, bilious gold-covered, Foulkesesque Arvicanthis niloticus-fur-lined) Kindle copy, which is why they posted at the same time.

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