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No one runs for President


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What happens if no one runs for the position of President?

The Bylaws say that any member of the sitting Board can suggest a party to fill a vacancy on the Board if the person agrees and if they meet all other requirements, and if the Board then approves that suggestion.

They also say a Vice President is the next in line to fill a vacancy in the Presidency.

If a newly elected Board has no President because no one ran for the position, is there any way to legally fill that position by (a) the Board appointing someone or (B) the VP moving up to fill the position of President?

Thanks again.

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Neither. Both of those provisions are regarding a vacancy in the office rather than an incomplete election (for President). Depending on the exact wording in the bylaws regarding the term of office for President it may be that the current President stays in office until someone is elected or it may be that the office falls vacant when the term ends (though it would be a vacancy caused by an incomplete election and the vacancy filling provision still wouldn't kick in).

So three questions come to mind:

1) What is the EXACT wording in the bylaws regarding the term of office for President (is it a fixed term or is there some qualifying language such as and/or until their successor is elected)?

2) Do your bylaws require that the President be a member of the organization (or Board) or would it be possible to elect a nonmember to serve as President?

3) [For you all to ask yourselves] Why did you not have anyone run for President? Does the President have more duties than should be reasonably expected of one person to fulfill which is causing people to not want to serve? If that is the problem maybe you all should consider amending the bylaws to lighten the load on him or her.

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