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State vs. individual club bylaws


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Is this bylaw recently passed by our state organization to the state bylaws binding on individual clubs who have been members for years and have their own bylaws that were approved by the state organization upon becoming members of the state organization way back when?

"A club considering terminating membership in TFWC/GFWC shall notify all members of the club of action considered in a

mailing to each member one month prior to the date scheduled for the vote to be taken. The vote to terminate member-

ship shall be by written and signed ballot. If five members of the club vote to retain membership in the TFWC/GFWC club,

the club retains its TFWC/GFWC name, assets and status. Notification of such action shall be given to the TFWC

Headquarters for approval by the Executive Committee."


Our own club bylaws state: This organization shall be a member of The TFWC San Jacinto District, Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, General Federation of Women's Clubs.

The Constitution and By-Laws of this club may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the club by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present, provided due notice of such amendment shall have been drawn up in writing at a previous meeting.

It would seem to me that our bylaws that allow for amendments by 2/3 vote would supercede the state bylaws that attempt to reach in to our workings and tell us whether we can or cannot drop membership....your feedback, please

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The answer ultimately depends on if the national and state organizations have legitimate authority over the local organization and if the local organization recognizes the authority of the state and national organizations (though the more important issue is if the state and national organizations have legitimate authority over the local one). Whether this is the case will require the reading of the local, state, and national organizations in their entirety to determine the pecking order (if there is one) which is beyond this forum's scope.

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