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"Class" of membership not in bylaws


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This topic arises in our club from time to time. We are a national organization, and our primary communication vehicle is the monthly newsletter. This newsletter publishes several items of information required by the bylaws to disseminate to the members, and the bylaws specify the newsletter as vehicle in some instances.

Some of the members have agreed, in writing, to receive an electronic version of the newsletter. Others have not, and are mailed hard copies.

One of our board members would like to cut costs by applying a surcharge to members receiving hard copy newsletters, to offset the additional costs. When this came up a few years ago I recall a specific section, or sections, of the then RONR 10th edition that prohibited adding an additional cost to some members in order to receive information that all members are entitled to.

Can anyone steer me towards this? Or steer me in the other direction, in case my memory became senior?

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