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readdressing a already voted on item

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If you mean at the same meeting (motion to reconsider), that motion can only be brought by someone on the prevailing side. Since you don't say what the other three members did during the vote, we don't know which side prevailed.

If the motion was adopted, at a subsequent meeting it may be possible to rescind, or amend something previously adopted (assuming the motion has not been fully carried out). Any member may make such a motion, no matter what side he/she voted on, or, indeed, no matter whether that member was even present at the original meeting.

If the motion failed, it may be renewed (made again) by any member at a later meeting.

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So, does the vote [motion] to reconsider have to be brought up [made] by one of the three that voted in favor of the item?

It would have but . . .

Once the meeting is over, it's too late for a motion to reconsider. Your options now are to rescind or amend the adopted motion . . . and any member can make a motion to do so.

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