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Invalid Meeting Part 2


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Some background,

Two elected members and two directors have called the meeting. Our bylaws state that it takes either 6 or 10, depending on the type of meeting.

They are very specific in what the meeting is about. It is to remove the person from President and then from membership from the Society.

The group that wants this done has been challenged by the President to follow the rules of the Constitutions and Bylaws. This group has spread false information. All of their claims can be refuted as not being true by documented proof.

If the President shows up at the invalid meeting, this small group will simply ignore anything that is said by either the President or other supporting members. There has been an email battle going on up to this point and the facts are being ignored.

This group makes up maybe 10% of the total membership, hence the problem with the timing of the meeting. They want hold the meeting when the summertime members are not here. If this meeting were in the summer months, they couldn't pull it off. The support for the President would be more than enough.

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RONR Chapter 20 gives very detailed and fair ("due process") instructions about disciplining members - including removing them from office and membership.

Sounds like your association, or a set of some of the members, isn't following them, or you have a set of different rules.

We deal with RONR's rules here. For your problems...

If you anticipate that you might

have continuing parliamentary

difficulties or problems you

might want to get in touch with

a real live professional

parliamentarian in your area

(not virtual ones like us)

for consultations.

Contact either (or both) the ...

National Association of Parliamentarians

213 South Main St.

Independence, MO 64050-3850

Phone: 888-627-2929

Fax: 816-833-3893;

e-mail: hq@NAP2.org



American Institute of Parliamentarians

550M Ritchie Highway #271

Severna Park, MD 21146

Phone: 888-664-0428

Fax: 410-544-4640

e-mail: aip@aipparl.org


for a reference or information.

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