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Motion to Table is unsupported

Guest KiKi

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If a motion to table a resolution is made, and no one seconds the motion, does the motion get recorded in the minutes?

It was an obvious attempt to kill a motion, but no one seconded, so does an entry get made that the motion was made and does it get recorded "unsupported" or "no second"? Thanks, KiKi

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Even if the motion Lay on the Table had a second, and was defeated, it would not be recorded in the minutes.

Thanks for both of the replies.

Unfortunately, our secretary picks what she feels should be printed in the minutes. No one has really questioned her methods before. Most of the time the issues are not all that important and not worth the hassle, but, in this situation it is, so I wanted to be clear before I brought up any corrections to her proposed minute,

She has included motions that have failed in her minutes many times in the past....

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