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Who can bring a Point of Order

Guest Brett

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Our town occasionally has some controversial subjects. When this shows up at the meetings, someone in the audience will typically shout out “point of order”. Who is able to make a point of order? Is it simply the members of the board, or can audience members do so as well?

Also, once a point of order has been ruled upon, can it be made again immediately?

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Any member can make a point of order. And by 'member' that is anyone is belongs to the group holding the meeting. In this case, the 'members' would be anyone elected/appointed to the Board.

Anyone who is not a member will not have any rights, this includes making a point of order. If people in the audience start making trying to make statements when they are not supposed to (the only time they would is if there is a public question period or if the Board allows them to) then the Chairman (Mayor?) can ask them to please be silent, and if necessary have people removed.

If the members do not agree with the Chairman's decision, an appeal may be made to overrule the Chairman.

Read pages 247-260

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