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Parliamentarian's authority


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Does the parliamentaria of a society have the authority to respond to a point of order without being recognized by the Chair?

No. However, the parliamentarian is an adviser to the Chair so if the Chair looks perplexed the parliamentarian can whisper to the Chair with his or her advice and the Chair would then rule. But keep in mind that the parliamentarian is merely an adviser and it is the Chair's job to make rulings.

Is there any recourse when in response to a point of order, the parliamentarian responds with inaccurate and incorrect information?

With some of the posts we have seen here regarding what outlandish things an organization's "parliamentarian" have told the members I would like to say that RONR endorses tar and feathering :rolleyes: but sadly it doesn't :(. It ultimately is the Chair's job to know what he is talking about but if the advice he is getting is lacking he may have to look for another adviser and/or bone up on RONR and the applicable rules governing the organization.

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