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Who takes possession of keys to collections in a historical society- president and___? (VP, Chairman, Sec'y?)

Guest Katy

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- who controls collections in a 501c3, NPO?

We are a historical society that is trying to organize and inventory 20 years of donations and collections so we can move forward.

We have so many 'questionable' issues to be addressed but cannot get past petty issues such as who should have keys to our storage unit and who is allowed in it and who can pick up the mail. Our audit was put on hold while this nonsense is being discussed.

Thank you to anyone that has any advice--we need it!


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RONR leaves those details for the organization to decide for itself. Keep in mind that in most cases a majority decides how the organization is to proceed. Why not set up a Special Meeting (if the bylaws permit calling one) and include all these issues in the call of the meeting and hammer out those details so you all can move onto more important issues? Set aside as much time is necessary to do it and let the members know that a decision WILL be made at this meeting and if they want any input they need to show up.

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