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Impeaching the President

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After the steps to impeach the president, dose the Vice President become President or is it voted on?

In the event of a mid-term vacancy in the office of president, the vice-president would automatically become the president.

But note that impeachment does not mean removal.

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For some reason I could not think of the word removal. But yes we are removing him from his office, and needed to know if the VP took his place or if election was held.

Per RONR, when the President leaves office before his term is up, the Vice President automatically becomes the President and you have a vacancy in the VP office. Your bylaws may have a section on filling vacancies, so you should read them to see. See page 467 (RONR 11) for a few pointers on vacancy filling.

Your bylaws may also have a section dealing with filling a vacancy specifically in the case of the office of President. If they do, follow the bylaws. Otherwise, the VP takes over as President.

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