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Mayor against all board members so won't call a vote

Guest M. Rak

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You should read RONR (11th ed.) pp. 650-653, Remedies for Abuse of Authority by the Chair in a Meeting. If the chair ignores motions, or ignores points of order, there are processes by which a member (not the chair) can put a point of order to a vote, and, under other circumstances, put an ignored motion to a vote. The assembly may also remove the presiding officer from his position for part or all of a meeting, if the chair fails to properly exercise his duties.

If the person is as recalcitrant is it sounds, and not amenable to education, you really should read the cited pages in detail.

If you think he just doesn't know how to do things properly, he might benefit from reading through RONR In Brief (a shorter and quite digestible summary of the rules discussed on this forum, and written by the same authorship team as the 'big book').

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So, I guess it could go either way....he may not let them even make a motion.....and if I argue long enough he will finally let them but will never call for a vote


1) Purchase RONR in Brief; 2) Purchase RONR/11; 3) Read sections on Incidental Motions (generally) 4) Read sections on the specific incidental motions of Point of Order and Appeal.

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