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Restrictions regarding interim board member?

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A member of our board of directors recently resigned for personal reasons... Our membership will formally vote on his replacement at their next regularly scheduled meeting in July. Until that can/will happen, our president (with the consent of the rest of the board of directors) has appointed a member from the general membership to serve on the board of director's in the recently vacated spot...

Our question is...

Are there any restrictions on the appointed board member, such as voting privilages while serving on the board on a temporary basis?

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Does the board have the authority (authority specifically granted by the bylaws) to fill a vacancy? If not, you can't do so, no matter how much the other board members approve of the president's choice. If the bylaws are silent on filling vacancies, an election should be held (with notice).

There are no 'interim' or 'temporary' officers in RONR.

If the board does have the authority to fill the vacancy, the person appointed to fill the vacancy has full rights of membership on the board.

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