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Remedies for Abuse of Authority - RONR (11th ed.) pp. 650-653


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Hi everyone

I know that this section is new to RONR in the 11th ed and I only have access to the 10th. I've checked my local library and bookstore (sorry, I'm in a pretty small town).

Does anyone have any source of this section digitally that they could refer me to? I've ordered the 11th edition which hopefully will arrive in the next few day but I'm hoping to be able to bring myself up to speed on this section in the next 48 hours before a big meeting.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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There are two sections in the pages you mentioned. The first pretty much is the same as RONR/10 p. 642 regarding how a member can address the President not entertaining a Point of Order, Appeal, or other motion. The second part discusses Suspending the Rules to have the Vice President preside (or elect a Chair pro tem) even though the President and VP are at the meeting

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RONR/11 isn't available online and assuming that one of us has the CD to copy and paste from the 3 pages you are asking for is probably more that we should be supplying (Copyright and all).

The CD-ROM edition of the 11th edition is not available yet anyway.

That's very valuable information Chris. Thank you very much. As luck would have it, the Chair (the president) and VP are the 2 guys that are doing the dragging here so I'm glad that a chair pro tem can preside. I'm feeling better about what needs to happen now.

This subject is addressed in Official Interpretation 2006-2, so that might help tide you over until you can get a copy of the 11th edition.

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