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Inaccurate Information in Officer Bio Running for Re-Election

Guest Denise

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I've been mailed a ballot which includes candidate bios of those running for two officer positions; President and Vice President. The person currently holding the President position was appointed to the office after the acting President resigned; that seat is now up for election. Although this person has served on the board for four years, he has held the President position just shy of two years. Yet, his bio states, "I have been President of the HOA for the past 4 years and wish to continue on the board."

His bio is misleading and inaccurate. I've contacted the management company who sent out the voting/ballot packet to ask if they were going to be sending out a correction. They replied telling me his bio is correct. I have minutes from the special meeting that was called on February 24, 2010 which appointed this person to President. So I have proof that his bio is incorrect.

I'm concerned about the vote, would this be considered unethical or fall under misconduct of an officer and perhaps cause a vote to be rescinded?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and respond.

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No, though if publicized it might cost him votes.

Thank you for your response. The Bio actually was publicized. I'm really surprised he'd outright lie about his involvment. Or if it's an oversight why he wouldn't ask for it to be corrected.

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I'm really surprised he'd outright lie about his involvement.

A candidate is embellishing his credentials?

I'm shocked. Shocked!

By the way, I think the publicity J.J. was referring to was publicizing (i.e. exposing) the lie, not publishing the bio.

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