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No quorum = no meeting or discussion?

Guest Crystal

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If there is no quorum can the few that did show up for a Board of Directors meeting discuss anything on the Agenda at all? Also, would there be Minutes taken and if so, what should the Minutes say?

In the absence of a quorum, the meeting should still be called to order and minutes taken. However, there is very little to be done at an inquorate meeting, and the four RONR-approved actions are to Adjourn, Fix the Time to Adjourn To (create an adjourned meeting), Recess, and Take Steps to obtain a quorum (calling members). So, the meeting will probably be verrrrrrry brief, but the minutes should be taken.

No discussion of items on the agenda should take place. However, before or after the meeting it would be fine for the few who showed up to chat about matters, as long as it's understood by all that they are not conducting business in any way, and no votes can be taken, or decisions made. But, to talk? Sure.

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