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1. What is dissent?

2. Is it the same as objecting a motion?

3. Who speaks first when dissent is given?

I just need help figuring this out.

1. Dissent is a difference of opinion on a matter.

2. If a motion is on the floor, and you don't think it should be adopted, you would express your objection during debate by dissenting, and ultimately with your vote. There is a motion called Objection to Consideration of the Motion a Question (see p. 267 RONR 11th), but that's something a bit different than what you seem to be getting at.

3. Not sure I understand what you mean by "when dissent is given." During debate, members express their opinions on the pending motion, and when possible, speakers alternate pro-motion and anti-motion. There isn't a time when only dissenting opinions are offered. But if you're a member, and have been recognized by the chair, you can speak against the motion.

Care to provide a few more details? Might get you a different answer.

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And while debate should continue with alternating points of view, sometimes more people will talk one way or another (this sometimes can give members a chance to understand where other may stand on the motion.) So, yes you could potentially have three people in a row speak against the motion or three people in a row speaking in favour of the motion. The Chairman does not know what a member is going to say before they say it.

But a member can dissent in three ways:

1) But suggesting an amendment to the motion so it will read in a way that the member will accept (for example, instead of sending two delegates to a convention, but one delegate.)

2) But speaking out against the motion during debtae with the reason(s) why the member disafrees with the motion.

3) By voting against the motion.

#2 and #3 are the most common ways that people will obviously dissent with a motion as an amendment to a motion will not always help (i.e. a member might be totally against the course of action resulting from approving the motion.)

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Nate, on 24 February 2012 - 04:31 AM, said:

What is dissent?

It's what leads da hound to da fugitive.

LOL. I'm sure I've seen that before, but oh you told it well. (And it's refreshing to occasionally see some humour on the world's premier Internet parliamentary website forum.)

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