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Vice Chair or Acting Board Chair

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The Chair of our Board of Education recently resigned. Until the town that the Board represents elects a new Board Member, the Board will not be voting on a new Board Chair. In the meantime, the Vice Chair will be acting as the Board Chair. In the minutes of the meeting where the Chair resigned, should the Vice Chair be referred to as Vice Chair or Acting Board Chair? What about meetings subsequent? And when would that transition be shown in the minutes, if he becomes referred to as Acting Board Chair? There was no motion made to name him Board Chair or Acting Board Chair, the meeting just proceeded as usual.

Further, there was a motion passed that evening, after the resignation was accepted to authorize the Board Chair and Board Treasurer to do something. Would/Should the language of that motion be changed to reflect "Acting Board Chair" or "Vice Chair"?

I'm new to all of this and this is my first encounter with this sort of circumstance, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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In RONR, one is either a (Board) Chairman or not. There is no half-way "acting" position recognized in the book (at least not in the index) except for a very brief acting chair when a brand new committee is just starting up, p. 176 (Kindle location 4121).

So... you will have to look at your Board of Ed. rules (or talk to your Board lawyer) to discover what is proper for your Board.

If you were operating strictly by RONR's rules, the vice-Chair would have BECOME the Chairman (no "acting" qualifier at all) when the erstwhile chairman resigned and there would then be a vacancy in the vice-chair position. That vacancy would be filled following whatever rules you may have in place describing how to do so.

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