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Executive session minutes

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Is there a specific procedure for recording ES minutes in the general board meeting minutes? Do you include specific ES discussions as to what was said, or just a general recording of the subject matter? Thanks.

The minutes should record any motions that were adopted (or rejected, etc.) in executive session, or any other business that was transacted (such as the receipt of a committee report). Discussions are never entered in the minutes, regardless of whether or not they were held in executive session. When it is time to approve the minutes at the next meeting, "The minutes, or record of proceedings, of an executive session must be read and acted upon only in executive session, unless that which would be reported in the minutes—that is, the action taken, as distinct from that which was said in debate—was not secret, or secrecy has been lifted..." (see RONR, 11th ed., p. 96)

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