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proper voting for board members

Guest dominic buccehi

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Guest dominic buccehi

we have a meeting coming up for the voting of board members ,there were two seats open at the time and now one has stepped down and we need 2.on the ballots mailed out again there is only one name now and the other one will be elected from the floor.on that night . the question is can anyone put another name on the ballot and mail it in if the have not been nominated yet since the meeting is not till next week and peolple are sending in ballots with the names of people that do not appear on the ballot form mailed out . dosent the nomination from the floor dictate when you can vote for someone and then that person can be voted for or do the ballots mailed in with a write in count that were recd before the person was even nominated and those ballots would be void that were mailed in and only the votes from the actual meeting would count .please help with the answer to this question if you can

thank you

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