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Rescinding multiple items to create new procedures manual

Guest George

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As Commissioner of a Scout Group, I feel the need to have a policy & procedure manual. There currently isn't one, however, over the course of many (25-30) years many motions have been voted on. The Secretary role has changed often over the years and not all of my predecessors have ensured that all previously published minutes have been archived, so there is no definitive source of all previously passed motions.

In order to propose the new policy manual, some of the items are completely new, never having been previously discussed while others have been the topic of many previous votes (eg. reimbursement for a new uniform, email voting, personal use of group equipment), can I notify all members by way of sending each of them the proposed manual, make a motion to rescind all previous votes only on the items discussed in the manual and then have a vote to pass en-masse the new manual?



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That will work. Or just adopt the entire new manual with a clear statement (as part of the motion doing the adopting) that any old policies (&c.) that are different from the current (proposed) ones are "hereby rescinded".

This is a form of Amend something previously adopted (p. 305 ff.). By sending out the proposed complete manual ahead of time (including the "hereby rescinded" business), you are giving notice of the intent to adopt it so a majority vote will be sufficient. Amendments to proposed policies - any of them - are proper before the final vote.

One caveat: Voting by mail, e-mail, any form of absentee voting, &c. MUST be in the bylaws to be properly authorized. Putting it in a P&P Manual won't hack it. See p. 423 ff.

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