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Parlimentary Procedure Absent from By-laws


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If there is no mention in the by-laws that states what the parlimentary process is, does this imply that any conduct is acceptable? Or is there some type of default parlimentary (ie: RONR) process?

"Although it is unwise for an assembly or a society to attempt to function without formally adopted rules of order, a recognized parliamentary manual may be cited under such conditions as persuasive. Or, by being followed through long-established custom in an organization, a particular manual may acquire a status within the body similar to that of an adopted parliamentary authority." (RONR, 11th ed., p. 17, lines 4-10)

And there is no better-recognized parliamentary manual than RONR. :)

Also, is there any "relaxed"versions of RONR that are commonly used? If so, where would one find the "best" version?

"A society with a small assembly—such as one having a dozen or fewer members—may wish to adopt a rule that its meetings will be governed by some or all of the somewhat less formal procedures applicable to small boards (see pp. 487–88)." (p. 16, lines 12-16)

More importantly, every member, or at least the officers, board members, and committee chairmen, should read Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief. This book does not provide simpler rules, per se, but is selective as to which rules are mentioned and provides simplified explanations for them.

See the home page of http://www.robertsrules.com/ for more information about the books.

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