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Chairman died, Nominating Chair wants to resign and run


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Our organization's Chairman died last week and our annual meeting is scheduled for next week. This is the meeting during which we elect officers. The Chair of the Nominating Committee has indicated that he would like to resign from committee chair and run for Chair of the Board. I am / was the Vice Chair and am now the Chair and have no interest in running for the Board Chair office; but would like to remain as Vice-Chair.

Additionally, I would like to hold off on the election of Board Chair for at least 30 days to 1) honor the memory of our deceased Chair and 2) provide time for an orderly transition, communication of process and digest all of what needs to occur - we haven't even buried our deceased Chair yet.

This election could become very political and the last thing I want is a contentious election. Therefore, my questions are as follows:

1) Can we move forward with the election of other officers and members to the Board of Directors and hold off on electing the Chair and Vice-Chair at a future meeting?

2) How does one handle the current Chair (me) being offered as a Vice-Chair candidate, accept the resignation of Nominating Committee Chair, reconstitute the nominating committee (chair will resign, one member terms off)

3) Any other advice which would be helpful in this situation ~ please cite RONR references as I'm sure this will be needed

I hope this is clear...and thanks in advance!

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