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Prevailing side of a vote calling for re-vote

Guest Karin Hribar

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The seemingly strange action of immediately moving to reconsider when the outcome of "reconsider" is basically known is to prevent someone from moving to reconsider later on in the meeting when a collection of friends of the original motion may have shown up. The newcomers could cause the orignial motion to be adopted after reconsideration was adopted.

The immediate reconsider "locks down" the first vote, until the next session, anyway.

It works equally well for adopted motions.

In many State legislatures where this happens all the time, the "next session" will be a year away.

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Presuming there were no "material" changes in the original motion during its second round of consideration, I'd say no, the (now adopted) motion cannot be reconsidered a second time. So does the book: p. 321, line 3-5.

Only one bite of the apple.

Maybe unanimous consent would allow it, but it seems highly unlikely that could be obtained.

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