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Correcting minutes -- or amending a resolution?

Guest Vic Rosenthal

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Guest Vic Rosenthal

Recently my organization allocated $5,000 for a specific purpose. At the next meeting, when the minutes were read, the chairman insisted that they were in error and the amount was $2,500. Then a motion was made to 'correct' the minutes, which passed by a majority of 1 vote!

I protested that there should have been a motion to amend, which would have required a 2/3 vote, but the chairman and his group insisted that they were 'only' correcting the minutes.

Given that there were many more members present when the original motion was passed, it was recorded as $5,000 by the Secretary, the orgainization's executive director, and the Treasurer (me), I feel like a fast one was pulled. Was it?

Wouldn't it vititate the whole idea of a motion to amend or rescind if all you had to do was 'correct the minutes' when you wanted to undo a decision?

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