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Rescheduled election meeting

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If a election meeting was cancelled due to not enough officer to make a quorum. Is it right to let the general membership know that the meeting was rescheduled so if anyone wanted to add their name to the ballot or dispute a nominee?

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Well, meetings cannot be cancelled. Nor does the presence of officers normally have anything whatsoever to do with quorum at a general membership meeting. Do the bylaws actually specify that certain officers (or a certain minimum number of officers) must be present at the election meeting?

If the meeting was inquorate, the assembly should have adjourned the meeting to a future time (when, hopefully, quorum requirements would be met, and the election would take place).

However, assuming these events you describe are in the past, at this point a special meeting could be called (not 'rescheduled) to conduct the election -- that's assuming that the bylaws authorize special meetings. Or, if another regular membership meeting is coming up, the election could be conducted then.

What exactly are your questions about adding names to the ballot, or disputing nominees?

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Guest Edgar

Yes, there must be a quorum (2/3)of the Executive Board in order to conduct meeting.

Just to be sure, you're saying that two-thirds of the board must be present at a meeting of the general membership?

What is the quorum requirement for meetings of the board?

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