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Nominating Committee Report

Guest David WIlliams

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The nominating committee generally supplies the body which appointed it with the names of people that it is nominating for certain offices in which case there is no approval necessary and the body would take those names the committee supplied with any floor nominations and hold an election. If their "report" includes something other than their nominations then you will need to be more specific as to what their report includes in order to get an answer.

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Does the Board need to approve the Nominating Committee Report?

In most organizations, the nominating committee does not report to the board at all, but rather to the membership.

The membership "approves" of the report, if you want to think of it that way, when and if they decide to vote for the people nominated in it, so there's no preliminary "approval" needed. Of course the membership may nominate other people from the floor as well, or write in names of any eligible candidate, so the report of the nominating committee is not as big a deal as many people believe. Even if the nominating committee messes up, there are remedies available.

The board, meanwhile, should tend to its knitting, and not stick its nose where it doesn't belong, unless your bylaws give it some unusual role in this whole process.

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